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What does it mean to help using viaGood ?

Avatar of Aneta Hrudová Aneta Hrudová Mar 2021

Helping, supporting, donating, altruism however we call it, it's something that our western society was built on, and here we are in 2021 facing various challenges from global pandemics to climate changes with an unprecedented mortality rate of animal species, in addition to different forms of social discrimination. There is a need to pull together the power of every individual to fight these problems.

Project viaGood, was founded by Michal Valta three years ago and the question many keep asking is, “What motivated him to start building a mobile app for saving animals, protecting the environment and helping people ?”

His response:

‘’I believe that uniting millions of young people can save our planet and change the world into a better place.’’


The idea that more people can push for social changes is not new and we believe that with easy, accessible technologies we can really make a change and with every single donation that has a positive impact for those that it helps.

So, we’d like to know...What motivates you to help! ? Let us know in the comments.


Global reach

In the viaGood app you can support a wide range of causes and of which, you can donate different amounts. Here’s an example of the impact your ten dollars makes. The first five dollars of your gift covers AWARENESS. These are paid awareness campaigns running on socials showing the respective problem and its solution. We believe that EDUCATION is a very important first step to helping everyone.


Direct impact

Direct help is operated via selected proven NGOs. 100% of the remaining sum is used for direct HELP in specific places to support specific activities. From attorneys who fight for a healthier environment to rangers who protect animals or those that take care of land, food, medicine, and equipment are just a few examples of help.


Impact Equivalent

With every donation you can also check an equivalent of your support.

Extras in viaGood

Overview of the whole problem and its possible solutions.

Access to news as well as tips on what to do every day.

Impact map and its equivalent

Connection with people who also want to create a better world

Sharing knowledge with your friends.

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We look forward to you joining us!