Updates are ready for you!

Avatar of Aneta Hrudová Aneta Hrudová Dec 2021

We promised you many new updates, exciting changes and innovations within the 4.X version of viaGood. Here they come and you can check it right now! Just update the app, or download from the App Store! Enjoy the advanced possibilities of how to make the world a better place. Let us introduce the updates to you in this blog post.

Of course, customizing your feed, where you can follow the most interesting and most important content in the viaGood app relevant to your interests, is already in viaGood app. Tips, articles, news, interesting facts, infographics, donations updates, videos are all part of your feed. And what is new?

Watch your rising Impact Score and set an example to others in the viaGood app! You will recieve points for each support, for each follower who accepted your invitation to viaGood app, for your followers' contributions, and for every received applause, illustrating the overall impact you and your community have made. Isn’t that amazing?

impact score.png

Now you can become a Goodwill Ambassador with viaGood! When you invite new users to the app, you follow their positive impact. The summary of your cumulative achievements is shown in a simple table, listing recalculated equivalents of your collective impact.

goodwill ambassador.png

The global and local problems that viaGood app solves are serious and complex, and they deserve a detailed description in Causes. That is why all Causes contain detailed explanations of Facts, Threats and also their Solution - tips on how each of us can contribute to make things better. Read the descriptions and make a change you want to see in the world!

As a user you have the opportunity to support specific real fundraising Projects, either by directly contributing money, or by raising awareness. Sharing is caring too, as it triggers a snowball effect and creates a positive feedback loop, inspiring new people to join in.

plant trees.png

As viaGood is growing constantly and we react to the current problems, you can choose from three new Causes in viaGood app and support great projects. The new Causes are: Protect Wildlife, Save Marine Life, Support Sustainability.

We look forward to your suggestions. Try out the new version and let us know in the comments below what you think about the new stuff in the viaGood app! 😊🙌