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New version 4.X. of the viaGood app

Avatar of Aneta Hrudová Aneta Hrudová Jun 2021

We are excited to announce that there is a new version 4.X. of the viaGood app. It is available and ready for download from the App Store. Check it out now! 👍😊

Current updates in this version are the first step to providing many amazing innovations and changes.

We are looking forward to this process so much and are sure that you’ll also like the updates as much as we do.

Now in the viaGood app - customize your feed and follow the most interesting and most important content in the viaGood app relevant to your interests. Tips, articles, news, curious facts, infographics, donations updates, videos - all in one place.

CHOOSE what do you CARE about. 🌳🐒🌊🐢👴🌍

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FOLLOW ➡💡 news and recent activities, tips, curious facts, videos, infographics, donation updates ➡ and SHARE with your friends. 🙌


HELP create a better world for everyone.💚🌍🙏


See you in the app!